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Aug 15, 18   0 Comment Site Updates

I would like to let you know why I am not updating this site often. I have to say that this is not my best summer. I am sick and also, I am having some personal problems. My partner needed to live in a new city so, I am alone trying to find a new […]

Dec 24, 16   0 Comment Site Updates

Hello! Just a small message to wish you all Happy Holidays!! This year wasn’t good to me. I am sick and unemployed and making fansites was like a therapy for me. Thanks to all the fans that I am knowing and thanks to all the visitors. You all made me happy. I am going to […]

Sep 26, 16   0 Comment Site Updates

Hello there! I am happy to let you know that Sam Heughan Central has a new design and a new beginning. This site was not update too much because I got some personal problems and really…don’t know why but I hadn’t motivativation, didn’t like the layout…don’t know what happened, really. Anyway, I have tons of […]

Apr 13, 16   0 Comment Site Updates

Hello and welcome to Sam Heughan Central. This is your new site for everything Sam Heughan. My name is Anne and I am so happy to be the webmiss of this site. I will try to bring you all the photos, news and everything feat Sam. I wanted to make a site on Sam for […]