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May 01, 2016   Leave a Comment Charity, News

All for a noble cause! Actor Sam Heughan’s TARTAN scarf has fetched over £10,000 recently. The money will be donated for the charitable purpose. It is an initiative taken by a charity organization called Cahonas Scotland.

Sam Heughan may be popular for his association with “Outlander,” but when his scarf fetched a handsome amount, it left even the charity stunned. The final bidding amount on eBay was £10,801, just 10 days after it was listed on the site.

According to Scotland Now, the starting price of the scarf was only 99 p, but his fans were full of enthusiasm and their bidding frenzy saw the price climb up at more than £5,000 just within two hours. The bidder who came up with the winning bid chose to be anonymous.

Along with Heughan’s scarf, the mysterious winner will also be given a DVD of “Outlander” and a signed cutout of “pocket Jamie.” Herald Scotland noted that Heughan, who is originally from Scotland, had wore the scarf when he participated in the Tartan Day Parade in New York.

The auctioning of the actor’s scarf was part of an initiative called “Loosen Up” Auction by Cahonas Scotland. The initiative encouraged the celebrities to donate their signed accessories and clothing so that money could be raised for charity.

Among the other celebrity items listed for auction included a tie belonging to Rod Stewart and signed by Stewart himself; Lorraine Kelly’s Dundee United scarf and a signed silk tie of actor Alan Cumming.

The goal of Cahonas Scotland is to create awareness among people about the early detection of Male Cancers, symptoms and signs of it. It was only last year that Heughan was seen in a cancer awareness video from the charity that motivated men to do a self-check regularly.

Heughan’s active involvement in raising money for charity is nothing new. The star of “Outlander” is a die-hard supporter of a charity called Bloodwise that launched a campaign recently to create awareness on blood cancer among masses. Sam Heughan reiterated that there should be proper awareness on blood cancer as it is a common form of cancer and can affect people from all age group.

The campaign is known as #TartanTuesday and the money raised from it will be contributed for clinical research and trials for possible new treatments for various forms of blood cancer. [Source]

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