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Nov 24, 2017   Leave a Comment Magazine Scans, Photos

Sam Heughan covers Entertainment Weekly (November 17th, 2017). You can go to the gallery to take a look to the scans.

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Entertainment Weekly (November 17th, 2017)

Nov 15, 2017   Leave a Comment Interviews

Sam Heughan has super fans. They’re not casual admirers; they don’t just ask for autographs and snap selfies. They’re on the popstar level—not just fans but fanatics. They camp out on the sidewalk overnight; they dedicate their free time to making hyperactive social media fan pages; they hyperventilate at the mere sight of the guy. Justin Bieber might understand.

The actor has the incredible success of his show, Outlander, to thank for his fame. The time-traveling drama has crafted a unique cult following and reawakened the lust for romanticized love in modern television. (And if you think it’s not for you, you should probably reconsider.) As Jamie Fraser, the fiercely loyal husband to costar Caitriona Balfe’s Claire Fraser, he’s not only a principle mover of the plot, but a lightning rod for audience obsession.

Of course, bedroom eyes and tortured love aren’t the only defining features of Outlander. It’s also set in Scotland, where Heughan was born and bred. The setting is the perfect background for the show, and the style influence that comes through on screen is one that tracks through to Heughan’s personal life as well. We talked him about the success of the show, his Scottish upbringing, and his own style evolution.

On his personal style

My personal style is a mix of of practicality, functionality, but also classic and high-quality fabrics as well. I’m a big fan of Scottish tweed and herringbone—a lot of my kilts are herringbone. Tartan as well. I think I look for something quality and something that’s maybe handcrafted. It feels good, it’s comfortable, and also the quality of the texture—it feels good, it’s comforting. A lot of the detailing in the jackets [Heughan has a capsule collection with iconic UK outerwear brand Barbour], there’s Scottish tartan or tweed on the cuffs. It’s about fine details and practicality. It’s about layering, about being cozy, and about being stylish as well.

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Nov 08, 2017   Leave a Comment Photos

Sam Heughan attended the British Academy Scottish Awards at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Glasgow. I have added the photos to the gallery. Please, credit this site if you take the pics.

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British Academy Scottish Awards – Press Room
British Academy Scottish Awards – Show
British Academy Scottish Awards

Hello there! I just added some new photoshoots of Sam Heughan from 2017. I really love those ones and I am thinking on get a new layout for the site, but I need to get a few money first to order the layout. Please, credit this site if you take the photos.

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— 2017 Photoshoots & Professional > Photoshoot #006
— 2017 Photoshoots & Professional > Photoshoot #005
— 2017 Photoshoots & Professional > Photoshoot #004
— 2017 Photoshoots & Professional > Photoshoot #003 – Behind the Scenes
— 2017 Photoshoots & Professional > Photoshoot #003
— 2017 Photoshoots & Professional > Photoshoot #002

Nov 08, 2017   Leave a Comment Alerts, News

Sam Heughan has become the latest Scot to scoop the legendary Tennent’s Golden Can award.

The actor, from Dumfries and Galloway, started out in River City, Rebus and was even the face of Tennent’s eccentric founder Hugh Tennent in their 125th anniversary ad campaign.

Sam’s career then sky-rocketed after landing a role in US cult-TV show turned global hit Outlander.

He was in Glasgow yesterday to present an award at the BAFTA Scotland Awards with co-star Caitriona Balfe at the Radisson Blu.

The telly hunk was then served with the the legendary Golden Can for his TV success.

Tennent’s present the cans to the most deserving Scots icons in the world of film, TV, comedy, music, sport and all other areas of Scottish culture.

Sam will be in the company of other cultural legends like Irvine Welsh, Mark Millar, Biffy Clyro, and Karen Gillan in the Golden Can Hall of Fame.

On receiving the award, Sam said: “Thank you to Tennents…I’m delighted to be awarded this as an ambassador for Scotland.

“Playing Hugh Tennent, the founder of the Tennent’s Wellpark Brewery was a great honour for me.

“To be a representative of Scotland and Scottish culture is a great honour, so I’ll raise a glass to Tennent’s and Scotland.”

Alan McGarrie, Head of UK Brand Marketing at Tennent’s, said: “We hope that playing the role of our legendary Hugh Tennent in 2010 helped him along the way to Hollywood and we couldn’t be prouder.

“Sam has well and truly earned his place in the Golden Can Hall of Fame.” [Source]

Nov 08, 2017   Leave a Comment Interviews

Who is Jamie Fraser now? The man we knew from seasons one and two of Outlander has gone through a monumental shift after losing the love of his life, and in every episode of this season so far, he’s almost been a different character, with a new name and a new life. “I really feel like every episode has been a mini-movie,” actor Sam Heughan told, “and episode four is like Downton Abbey.” When we caught up with the actor in his trailer on the Outlander set in Cape Town, South Africa, he took us through his process of portraying Jamie Fraser as the Dun Bonnet (the rebel outlaw), Mac Dubh (the leader of men in Ardsmuir Prison), and Alex MacKenzie (the groom at Helwater). Yet while he may take on different guises, he’s always a wanted man—in more ways than one.

Here, find out how Heughan took on the challenge of an ever-changing Jamie.

Nice costume! Are those satin boots?

Yes! It’s nice to be wearing something more genteel than a kilt. [Laughs]

For someone who is supposed to be 20 years older, you’ve aged well.

I disagree with you, actually! On screen, obviously, Jamie does age very well, but I could show you a list of everything we’ve done to him, everything the make-up artists have done. A little gray hair, prosthetics on my forehead, a little eyework. But it’s more his journey, what’s happened to him, about what he’s gone through. It’s really hard to lose someone and find a way to go on.

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I totally missed to add these portraits so, you can go to the gallery to take a look. Please, credit this site if you take the photos.

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Photoshoot #001
Comic Con Portraits – EW Portraits – Added 2 photos

Oct 03, 2017   Leave a Comment Photos

More new photos of Sam Heughan have been added to the gallery. You can go there to take a look and enjoy!

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Sam Heughan joins Barbour in New York at the Madison