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Owner: Anne
Site name: Sam Heughan Central
Opened: April 11, 2016
Hosting: FansiteHost

First time I discovered Sam was on Outlander. After watched this, I was totally in love with him and his talent. Then, I started to do a research to his projects. I began to watch his films and it was fun to search for old things and the more I watched and read, the more of a fan I became. So, I started to collect photos and stuff and decided to make a fansite to show my support. It took me awhile to open the site because I know, it is a lot of work but here we are! is an unofficial fan site. I have a large gallery with original screen captures, magazine scans, event pictures, photoshoots and more, I offer the latest news on Sam and his career; with hopefully many more features and stuff to come! I want to bring you an informative, often updated and fun fansite. Enjoy!!!

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